A little extra investment reaps lifelong rewards.

Workshops and retreats are the perfect place to fine tune your practice and get the most from your time spent on the mat.


Join me in a workshop to deepen your understanding of your body and delve into the inner landscape of of your being.

Myo Yin

Poor posture, a bad work set up or an overworked and stressed body can lead to tight muscles and a tense state of mind.

Immerse yourself in a two hour masterclass where you will learn how to combine roll and release techniques with the long held postures of Yin yoga to relieve muscular aches and pains.  

Together we will weave our way through various techniques to roll and release your body’s soft tissue and spend time in yin postures to nourish, heal and find rest as we approach the end of what’s been a huge year individually, collectively and globally.

You will leave feeling spacious in body and mind, ready to embrace what lies ahead in 2021.

This workshop is divided into two parts, upper body and lower body. To experience the full effect stay for both.

Where: Modern Movement, Mona Vale studio
When: December 13th & 20th 12 – 2pm


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