Come practice with me in public classes at the beautiful Modern Movement studios in Mona Vale and Balgowlah. 


9:30am Mellow  //  11am Vinyasa  //  12:15pm Yin – Mona Vale


5:30pm Vinyasa  //  7pm Yin – Balgowlah


1:30pm Foundations  //  4pm Vinyasa  //  5:30pm Mellow – Mona Vale


12pm Vinyasa – Balgowlah


8am Vinyasa  //  9:30am Mellow  //  11am Mellow – Mona Vale

Yoga Styles


For when you need to go inwards, retreat, and find stillness amongst the chaos.

In a busy world moments of stillness are essential to maintaining mental, physical and spiritual health. During this practice poses will be held for anywhere from 3 – 5 minutes with plenty of time for you to take rest and respite. You will feel the pace of life slow down and become more centered and grounded.

For when you need a dynamic vinyasa practice to shift you from your current state of mind to one of focus, concentration and a greater awareness of the now.

A practice thats be steady and strong with an opportunity to challenge your body and mind with asana (movement), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. (observation).


Yang to Yin

For when you want to move a little but also want to drop deep into relaxation, Yang to Yin is the best of both worlds.

Expect to get moving in a slow and steady manner and deepen your breath so as to bring you into the present moment. Gradually you will shift into longer held poses for a deep release in your soft tissues and time for your mind to slow down. There will be space for stillness, reflection and contemplation.