Why Yoga?

Introducing the practice of yoga and meditation into your life provides many benefits beyond the physical.

Initially we may experience yoga as physically challenging and mentally confronting, but over time and with a supportive and individualised approach, you can start to experience subtle changes that will impact your everyday life for the better.

With consistent practice, the power of yoga lies in our ability to see through our days with more clarity.
Our capacity to meet everyday challenges and stressors is refined and reinforced.

My approach includes physical movement, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation, all of which are ultimately a journey in how the body moves, breathes and relaxes into stillness.

On a deeper level, this approach refines how the mind through the practice of yoga can sync up with the efforts of the body and the breath, and lead you to a state of peace, bliss, connection and contentment.

How will yoga impact your life?

  • Yoga makes us calmer parents, more considerate partners and by nature, better listeners in all areas of life.
  • Improves patience and helps build resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Improves your general mood and approach to life
  • Helps to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Improves physical health, posture and sleep quality.
  • Yoga brings our awareness to the present moment, giving us the ability to be here, now, and enrich our lives for the better.

What I teach

To me, yoga is more than fancy poses and being able to touch your toes, it’s a system and philosophy for living a life of authenticity, integrity, balance and union.

My goal is to meet you as you are, in this body, as it is right now and to share with you yoga that’s accessible, adaptable and fun. 

The most useful part of my knowledge is understanding how to navigate injuries, a skill I acquired while working as a dancer and experiencing my own wear and tear from a demanding physical career.

If you have an injury and get a professional diagnosis, I can troubleshoot your yoga, find you modifications and keep you moving safely so that you can experience more freedom and less pain.

I combine the wisdom of yoga and my knowledge in functional anatomy and the body in movement, to guide a practice that’s relevant to the way that we live today.

I teach Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, Yang to Yin, Meditation, Breathing techniques and Myofascial Yin yoga. 

Myofascial Yin is most commonly known as “roll and release” and is a combination of soft tissue massage combined with Yin yoga, which is great for rehabilitation, flexibility and relaxation. When combined all of these techniques bring a sense of balance to the body and harmony to the mind.

My hope is that you develop a yoga practice over time that grounds you when you feel unsteady, uplifts you when you feel down, and enriches your life for the better.