Hi, my name is Jess and I’m a big fan of honouring the tradition of yoga and an even bigger fan of making the ancient teachings accessible to modern minds. I’m based in the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, and I guide studio classes, private lessons, corporate classes, accessible yoga and retreats. 

My previous career was in the performing arts where I worked as a professional dancer and physical theatre performer for a variety of Australian companies touring nationally and internationally. Although I no longer dance for work these days, my time spent studying the body through anatomy, kinesiology, feldenkrais and various dance techniques like classical ballet and contemporary dance all inform how I teach yoga to this day.


When did my yoga journey start?

I took my first yoga class in 2008 when I was studying a Bachelor Dance at The Victorian College of the Arts. On that particular day the teacher was supposed to teach a dance class, but he decided to guide us through a yoga class instead. I remember moving through the poses and thinking this yoga stuff is kind of weird. Weirdness aside, I enjoyed it for the most part, that was until close to the end of class he guided us into Gomukhasana (shoelace pose) . My hips don’t sit with ease in that shape, and so, rather than face the discomfort of both the pose and also not being very good at it, I decided to go for a fake toilet break aka, a lazy stroll around the campus. I later returned in time for savasana, how convenient…

From that day, even though I experienced a lot of discomfort in yoga, there was something that kept drawing me back. Yoga brought balance to my inner world and greater sensitivity and awareness to my outer world. Over time, yoga became a regular practice that calmed my nerves before a performance, helped me sleep when I experienced terrible insomnia due to having a rare illness, and was a supportive presence amidst the constant change that is life. 


March 2020 ・ Sanskrit online course  //  Seth Powell 

December 2019 ・ 60hr Myo Yin & Spine anatomy  //  Jo Phee Woke Yoga Potts Point 

March 2019 ・ 25hr Intensive Maty Ezraty //  Body Mind Life 

September 2018 ・ History of Yoga online course  // Seth Powell 

March 2018 ・ 50hr Theming & Assists Les Leventhal  //  Egg of The Universe 

November 2016 ・ 50hr Ashtanga Assisting  // All Yoga, Thailand 

August 2015 ・ 200hr Vinyasa YTT Les Leventhal  //  The Yoga Barn, Bali  

March 2009 ・ Bachelor of Dance  //  The Victorian College of the Arts, faculty of Melbourne University


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